Main products

Bige Holding Ltd. has three producing plants:

  • Sulphoric acid
  • Fertiliser
  • Cryolite

Bige Holding Ltd. main products:

  • Sulphoric acid and its derivatives (oleum, analytical and pharmaceutical sulphoric acid, accumulator acid, chlorosulphonic acid)
  • Compacted GENEZIS NPK, NP, PK fertilisers and their variations containing mezo- and microelements
  • Cryolite

The sulphoric acid plant - as the only sulphoric acid factory in Hungary - works on the basis of liquid elementary sulphur. Its production capacity is 150 000 tons/year. The produced sulphoric acid and oleum can be used in several sectors of the industry. The inorganic chemical, the metallurgical and the food industries require the largest amounts. The pharmaceutical and intermediary producers are also important customers.

Bige Holding Ltd. plays an important role in the European market of chlorosulphonic acid. This product is sold especially to producers of medicines as well as plant-protecting and water-treating chemicals. About 60% of the divison's sales income originates from export. The products are regularly sold to 8-9 different countries. Bige Holding Ltd. has its own railway tank car fleet, it is a logistical advantage for several customers. Most of the deliveries are carried out in rail tank cars.

Bige Holding Ltd. has a new fertiliser plant which operates since March 2004. The plant produces - with compacting technology - high quality PK and NPK fertilisers without chemical reactions and dehydration procedure. The plant can meet different requirements of the customers regarding the mezo- and microelement content. The particle size and solidity of the products produced with this technology meet the present up-to-date European quality. The effect of the new technology on the environment is minimal. The production capacity of the plant is 140.000 tons/year

At the same time the traditional fertiliser production was stopped at Bige Holding Ltd. The fertilisers produced by Bige Holding Ltd. are realized by Nitrogénművek Rt. in Pét. In order to support the use and sales of fertilisers the company group has a consulting and brand-trade network all over Hungary, which sells its products under the brand name "GENEZIS".

The synthetic cryolite plant of Bige Holding Ltd. produces two types of cryolite. The standard type, its granulometry is rougher, and the fine type (particle size is below 44 microns). The production capacity is 8 kt/year. The company is among the market-leaders in Europe in this field. The main consuming sectors: aluminium smelters, other metallurgical industries, abrasive material producers, ceramics and glass industries, producers of soldering, welding materials as well as pesticides. 97% of the produced cryolite is purchased by European and American companies.

It is worth mentioning the product-line marketed under the brand name "SOLSIL". The members of the product line are used as additives in the fields of soil conditioning and making special concrete compositions.

The high quality activity of Bige Holding Ltd. is assured by the large experience and skill of the employees.

We are doing our best to fulfil all demand of our customers, while taking care about our natural surroundings.