Environmental policy

Despite this fact, the company is not satisfied with the results achieved so far, and with continuous  development it aims to minimize the environmental wastes even below the official emission limits of the laws.
The company strives to improve the environmental consciousness of the employees with trainings. The firm informs the public realisticly about the environmental status of the site, and the past and future actions to be scheduled for reducing the emissions of waste-materials.

The company awares that the protection of the environment is its own interest every day, and so the Management and all the employees of Bige Holding Kft. are obligated to

  • Control the processes that affect the environment,
  • Maintain the status of the environment,
  • Intensify the environment-protecting efficiency,
  • Comply with relevant environmental-protection laws, acts and expectations,
  • Optimize the material and energy consumption,
  • Safeguard the natural resources,
  • Extend and maintained the grasslands and parks at the site of the company,
  • Train the employees to assure that by complying environmental requirements, their everyday work can reflect the company's environmental strategy.
  • The management of the company is commited to the protection of the environment, so in its activities it take into consideration the regulations of the ISO 14001 standard and continuously improves its environment-protecting efficiency.



    Dr. Duplinszki Renáta Anett
    Managing Director