sulphuric acids and sulphuric acid derivatives

Our sulphuric acid plant is the only sulphuric acid producer in Hungary. It works on liquid sulphur bases. Its production capacity is 150 kt/ year.

The different products (sulphuric acid technical grade, sulphuric acid for batteries, sulphuric acid pure, sulphuric acid analytical and oleum) are used in several areas of the economy. Inorganic chemical industry, metalworking industry and food industry require the biggest quantity. Demands of the pharmaceutical and intermediary producers are significant, too. Our main partners are Austin Powder in Austria, Tiszai Vegyikombinát Rt, Borsodchem Rt, Nitrokémia, Motim Alumíniumszulfát Kft, Richter Gedeon Rt and Lesaffre Kft.

Bige Holding Kft plays an important role on the European market of chlorosulphonic acid. This product is mainly bought by companies which produce pharmaceuticals, plant-protecting agents and water-handling chemical products. Our main customers are the following companies: Rohm and Haas France. Rütgers VFT, Purolite, Aliachem Synthesia, PVS Belgium.

60 % of the division's activity is export sales activity. Our products reach 8-9 countries regularly. Our significant rail tank park is an important logistical advantage for the clients. Most of the deliveries are effected by rail.