Synthetic cryolite - Szilica (soil improving material)
Safety data sheet

Physical properties:  
Appearance: greyish white, odorless powder
Bulk density (kg/dm3) 0,8-0,9
Moisture 40 - 45 %
pH (in 10 % water) 10,2± 0,5
Chemical composition: soil improving material containing CaSiO3 agent
SiO2 52-54 %
CaO 26-28 %
Applications: The CaSiO3 used in propotional quantity for sour soil makes the pH of the soil neutral or weakly alkali. The Research Institute of Karcag called DATE made experiments in connection with the application of this material. The results of these experiments and the recommendations for application can be found on the Internet.
Transport, storage: In bulk. To be kept in closed, dry and cool place. Shelf life: 5 years.
Producer: Bige Holding Kft. 5007 Szolnok Tószegi út 51.