Compacted fertilizers - Genezis NPK-0:10:28
Safety data sheet

Appearance: solid, grey or lightly reddish granulated product
Physical quality: smooth, does not powder away 95-98 % with 2-5 mm granules Moisture-content: max. 1,5 %
Phosphor, which melts in ammoniumcitrat: 10,0% P2O5 (phosphor, which melts in water 9,5% P2O5)
Water-soluble potassium: 28,0% K2O
Calcium: 9,5% CaO
Magnesium: 6,0% MgO
  The permitted deviation of the effective substance is according to the 8/2001(I.26.), 50/2003.(V.9.). FVM order.
Packing: in 50 kgs polythene bags, in unit shipment on pallets, or without it in bulk, or in Big-Bags
Tenability: in original packing, in one pallet height on dry, covered place 2 years long. In case of storing outside it must be protected from sun shining and precipitation.
Applications: It is suggested for all kinds of field-, and gardening cultures, especially for cultures that need a lot of potassium and for grounds that are slightly provided with potassium. Its effective substances melt in water very good that's why it can be used both in autumn and in spring. In case of using it in autumn it is suggested to complete it with nitrogen-fertiliser.
Producer: Bige Holding Kft. 5007 Szolnok, Tószegi út 51. Tel/Fax: 36/56/505-870