Compacted fertilizers - Genezis NPK-20:15:0
Safety data sheet

Appearance: solid, grey or lightly reddish granulated product
Physical quality: smooth, does not powder away 95-98 % with 2-5 mm granules Moisture-content: max. 1,5 %
Whole nitrogen content: 20,0 % N (ammonia nitrogen 17,0 % N Amid nitrogen 3,0%)
Phosphor-pentoxid, which melts in ammoniumcitrat: 15,0 % P2O5 Phosphor: 6,5% (P)
Phosphor-pentoxid soluble in water 14,3 % P2O5 Phosphor: 6,2% (P)
Water-soluble sulphur-trioxid: 35,0 % SO3 Sulphur: 14% (S)
  Microelements: Zinc (Zn)0,06%, copper (Cu) 0,02%, iron (Fe) 0,02% .
  The permitted deviation of the effective substance is according to law of EK 2003/2003
Packing: in 50 kg polythene bags, in unit shipment on pallets, or without it in bulk, or in Big-Bags
Tenability: in original packing, in one pallet height on dry, covered place 2 years long. In case of storing outside it must be protected from sun shining and precipitation.
Applications: It is suggested for all kind of field- and gardening cultures, especially as autumnal base-fertiliser. Its effective substances melt in water very good that's why it is excellently useful among sufficient rain circumstances in spring, too.
Statistical code: 10712771-4675-113-16 Customs number: 310520
Producer: Bige Holding Kft. H-5007, Szolnok Tószegi út 51.
Marketing activity Nitrogénművek ZRT